Great Product!

I am writing to Thank You so much for making such a wonderful product that has restored my confidence to enjoy swimming again. Prior to having surgery I was an avid swimmer and could hardly stay out of the pool. After my surgery I was left with fecal incontinence which kept me out of the pool until I found your product. At age 40 I'm back to swimming laps again regularly and enjoying the water thanks to your Sosecure Containment Swim Briefs. These swim brief fit me great due to their design allowing me to do things like flip turns and fast swims without any problems. So far they have worked great with absolutely no leakage and no one has noticed them hidden under my swim trunks. Thank you again for making such a great product that has given me back a part of my life that I really enjoyed prior to my surgery!



 Excellent Customer Service  


This company has gone out of its way to ensure that we are happy with our order. Our son has special needs and one of the only things he enjoys is swimming. For us that means finding a way to make sure that he can do what he loves. I can’t tell you how much finding this website has meant to us.



The fact that Leslie and her team listened to my concerns and created a suit just for our son means more than you can possibly know. This company (its leader Leslie) has been attentive and considerate right from the first time we ever corresponded with them. I have been, and will continue to, recommend them to anyone needing incontinent swimming supplies  Julie M.


Thank You!!! 


I just had my first swim in many years after receiving delivery of the Sosecure swim pants.  This has been absolutely liberating to be able to swim with confidence . My wife and caregiver got these for me, and I am astounded!  A very big thank you for such a wonderful product, this has literally changed my life. I can exercise in my favourite way for the first time since I was a boy.


The BEST customer service!


Thank you very much for your professional customer service and taking care of everything on my order so quickly and as promised. Trust me, in today’s world- you and your company are an exception and a very refreshing one at that! I love to support, small, customer focused businesses like Discovery Trekking Outfitters!




I am finally able to get back into the pool for poolwalking and exercise programs. I have lost 5 lbs since purchasing the product due to this freedom.
The diaper is inconspicuous under a skirt-style swimsuit and works as advertised. Sizing details are accurate, the fit is very comfortable. Highly Recommended.


Best Swim Diaper I have owned!


I have a 15 year old special needs daughter and I must say, this is the best diaper I have found for swimming. It fits snug and I like how you put it on. I do suggest you put a regular diaper on under it. It helps to contain the soils better.  (note...SOSecure does not recommend wearing a diaper under the Swimming Containment Brief...this is a personal choice of some customers)


Great Item


My special needs brother loved swimming, so we got one of these briefs, which fits under his swimsuit. No one knew the difference and I think he enjoyed getting back into the pool. I especially liked that you could adjust the tightness around the legs and waist.




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