High-tech containment swim brief shown in Navy.

High-tech containment swim brief shown in Navy.

Opens for ease in dressing. Adjustable waist closure.

Opens for ease in dressing. Adjustable waist closure.

The Swim Diaper is Unisex, but shown here under a woman's suit to prove it can be very discreet even under a form-fitting bathing suit.

The Swim Diaper is Unisex, but shown here under a woman's suit to prove it can be very discreet even under a form-fitting bathing suit.

Yes, the swim diaper is truly under the suit. To be discreet and effective it must be adjusted correctly, and be as snug as possible.

Yes, the swim diaper is truly under the suit. To be discreet and effective it must be adjusted correctly, and be as snug as possible.

Customer Comments

Excellent Customer Service

This company has gone out of its way to ensure that we are happy with our order. Our son has special needs and one of the only things he enjoys is swimming. For us that means finding a way to make sure that he can do what he loves. I can’t tell you how much finding this website has meant to us.

The fact that Leslie and her team listened to my concerns and created a suit just for our son means more than you can possibly know. This company (its leader Leslie) has been attentive and considerate right from the first time we ever corresponded with them. I have been, and will continue to, recommend them to anyone needing incontinent swimming supplies  Julie M.

Thank You!!! 

I just had my first swim in many years after receiving delivery of the SOSecure swim pants.  This has been absolutely liberating to be able to swim with confidence . My wife and caregiver got these for me, and I am astounded!  A very big thank you for such a wonderful product, this has literally changed my life. I can exercise in my favorite way for the first time since I was a boy.

The BEST customer service!

Thank you very much for your professional customer service and taking care of everything on my order so quickly and as promised. Trust me, in today’s world- you and your company are an exception and a very refreshing one at that! I love to support, small, customer focused businesses like Discovery Trekking Outfitters!


I am finally able to get back into the pool for pool walking and exercise programs. I have lost 5 lbs since purchasing the product due to this freedom.
The diaper is inconspicuous under a skirt-style swimsuit and works as advertised. Sizing details are accurate, the fit is very comfortable. Highly Recommended.

Best Swim Diaper I have owned!

I have a 15 year old special needs daughter and I must say, this is the best diaper I have found for swimming. It fits snug and I like how you put it on. I do suggest you put a regular diaper on under it. It helps to contain the soils better.  (note...SOSecure does not recommend wearing a diaper under the Swimming Containment Brief...this is a personal choice of some customers)

Great Item

My special needs brother loved swimming, so we got one of these briefs, which fits under his swimsuit. No one knew the difference and I think he enjoyed getting back into the pool. I especially liked that you could adjust the tightness around the legs and waist.

Swim Brief - Adult & Youth Styles

Adult X-Small, Small, Medium, Large, X-Large: $49.95 USD
Adult 2X-Large, 3X-Large, 4X-Large, 5X-Large: $59.95 USD
Youth X-Small, Small, Medium, Large, X-Large: $49.95 USD
Youth 2X-Large , 3X-Large : $59.95 USD
Black Adult Diaper Cover XL: $15.00 USD

The SOSecure Containment Swim Brief  (also known as a swim diaper) is a washable undergarment designed for adults and teens dealing with incontinence. This product was reviewed by the National Foundation for Continence and selected for their Resource Guide.

The garment is designed to be worn next-to-skin under a swim suit. It is intended for bowel containment, however it will protect a certain amount against urinary leakage. It's difficult to determine just how much urine because each person is different. Our tests showed it would easily contain about a cup of water, but this is very subjective, it depends on the correct fit and if it is properly adjusted and other factors that we can't control. No garment can completely seal the human body.  If you are uncertain as to how long it will contain urine,  please try it at home first. It is important to purchase the right size, and keep it as snug as possible using the adjustable closures.   

Although it was made specifically for swimming, many customers tell us it makes a great cover for disposable or cloth diapers.

Features include:

  • High tech stretch polyurethane fabric with soft fleece lining
  • Elastic waist & legs for added security
  • Velcro closures which offer fully adjustable sizing that opens up flat, for ease in dressing
  • Machine washable (hang to dry, do not machine dry)


Rise: Adult

Rise: Youth

22" - 24"

27 1/2"


25" - 28"

28 1/4"

25 3/4"

29" - 32"


26 1/2"

33" - 36"


27 1/2"

37" - 40"


28 1/2"

Plus Sizes2XL3XL4XL5XL


Rise: Adult

Rise: Youth

41" - 44"

32 1/2"

28 1/2"

45" - 48"


28 1/2"

49" - 52"

35 1/2"


53" - 58"

36 1/2"


Need sizes in centimeters, please click here!

The garment is Unisex. Please order by waist or hip, whichever is larger.  For example, if a person has a 34" waist and a  38" hip, they should order the XL which has a range of 37"-40", even if the waist is much smaller than 37".  If your measurements are at the higher end of a size range, don't assume you should go to a larger size. These garments are very adjustable and stretchy, and should fit very snug.

If you aren't sure whether to order an Adult, Youth, or Child Style, visit our How to Measure page.

The youth size is similar to the adult, except cut slightly shorter through the rise. This simply means that a Youth style will sit lower on the waistline.  For children with waist sizes less than 30", you may wish to order a children's style depending on the height of your child. See link to children's page below.  Feel free to call us if you aren't sure.  

If this is for someone with a special sizing issue, phone or email us with waist, thigh, and crotch (rise) measurements.  We'll help you choose the right size if you are not sure.  Be sure to measure accurately as there is no return on swim products, for health reasons.

Swim Diaper is stocked in Navy, as shown in the pictures.  



We have a supply of Extra Small (XS) discontinued Adult styles that we are offering at a BELOW COST price of just $25. These are mostly made from Polartec Aquashell, a very durable waterproof stretch, which is no longer available. Available in blue, purple, and black.  Before calling, visit our "how to measure" page so you know if the XS is what you need.  We also have one Youth Small (S) available in black only.

First Class Seconds: These are only available in Navy.  The fabric will have small blemishes that do not affect the performance or fit in any way. They are priced at just $25 for Child Sizes and $35 each for Youth and Adult sizes. (regular prices range from $39.95-$45 for Child, and $49.95-$59.95 for Youth and Adult, depending on size).

Please call us toll-free (1-877-551-6577), as these cannot be ordered online and sell out quickly. If you wish to be put on a waiting list for your size, let us know. 


Swim Diapers for older children 

If you are searching for a special needs swim diaper for children, we are pleased to offer the Children's swim diaper. It is the same high quality, discreet product that we make for the adults. Many children are self-conscious about having to wear a swim diaper.  Unlike other brands, the SOSecure brand is very lightweight, snug-fitting, and adjustable. This helps make the garment almost invisible under a swimsuit.


It's a bird...it's a plane...it's SUPERMAN! (or, what should we call it?)

Discovery Trekking distributes the SOSecure Containment Swim Brief in many countries.  These garments are known by other names, such as swim nappies, undergarments for swimming, and Special Needs swim diapers. We respect our customers, and don't wish to call these garments anything that might offend. However most customers find us through search engines, so we need these "keywords" on our web pages to make it easier for you to find us. So call it what you like...it's still the best one made!


SOSecure Swim Diaper Catalog:  Click here.

Our Story: How the SOSecure Swim Diaper was developed:  Click here.

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Order your SOSecure Swimming Containment Brief Here...

Please be sure to measure accurately as there is no return on swim products, for health reasons.  If you are uncertain about your size, please call us at 1-877-551-6577

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