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Best Swim Diaper I have owned!

I have a special needs daughter and I must say, this is the best diaper I have found for swimming. It fits snug and I like how you put it on. I do suggest you put a regular diaper on under it. It helps to contain the soils better.  (note...SOSecure does not recommend wearing a diaper under the Swimming Containment Brief...this is a personal choice of some customers)

SOSecure Swim Diaper for Children

XS : $19.95 USD
S, M, L, XL: $39.95 USD
2XL, 3XL: $44.95 USD


INTRODUCING...SOSecure Washable Swim Diaper for Children


The SOSecure Containment Swim Brief (also known as a swim diaper) was originally designed for adults and teens dealing with incontinence.  However, many parents of children with Special Needs have requested that a version for older children be made available. Once you reach a certain size, there are no disposables that will fit.  Kids need quality garments, too. No one likes to be self-conscious about having to wear protection, and the SOSecure swim diaper is very discreet as well as effective.

The garment should be worn next-to-skin under a swim suit. Some parents prefer to put a diaper pad underneath, but this is not required and is a personal choice.  Our design allows for some growing room, so please order the correct size based on the chart below, not any larger. It is important to wear it as snug as possible using the adjustable closures.  

Although it was made specifically for swimming, it also makes a great cover for disposable or cloth diapers.

Features include

  • High tech stretch polyurethane fabric with soft fleece lining (navy) or high tech polyurethane fabric wish soft, substantial jersey lining (purple, soft lime, soft pink, sunshine yellow, popsicle orange, light blue)
  • Elastic waist & legs for added security
  • Fully adjustable sizing that allows for growth
  • Snug fitting with stretch fabric and hook & loop closures
  • Opens up flat, for ease in dressing
  • Washable and long lasting

The Navy Blue diapers are available with plain navy or a variety of patterned tab closures (see photos below). If you chose a pattern tab, please pick a second pattern in the comments section, just in case we are out of stock of your first selection.  You may also choose Plain if you don't want a pattern, which is a Navy tab in the same fabric as the diaper. Note: Patterned tabs are only shipped from our Canadian warehouse.  The Light Blue, Orange Popsicle, Purple, Soft Lime, Soft Pink and Sunshine Yellow diapers are not available with different printed tabs.



Children's Swim Diaper Size Chart


 Age (guide only)

please refer to actual

measurements below


















43-49 cm


50-54 cm


55-61 cm


62-69 cm


70-76 cm

31 - 33"

78-83 cm


83-91 cm


 19 1/2"

 20 1/4"







For Teens, or children larger than the above chart or taller than 5', you may wish to order the Youth version.

IF YOU AREN'T SURE, PLEASE VIEW THE HOW TO MEASURE PAGE as diapers are not returnable.

Note:  If you have a child with Special Needs that is creative about undressing themselves, please contact us. We are able to custom-sew a swim diaper that closes in the back, rather than the front. These can be helpful to keep busy hands from ripping off the garment.  The regular front-closing style is very securely closed with hook & hoop (velcro) but sometimes "out of sight, out of mind" is just an added bonus. Let us help you with some innovating solutions! We do not keep these special custom garments in stock, but it usually takes just 24 hours to ship your garment, even when its a special order.

Need a swim diaper for an adult or youth (teen)? Click HERE

HOT BUY! We have a very limited amount of child and youth swim diapers that are First Class Seconds (they may have a minor mark on the fabric that does not affect the performance of the garment). On sale for $35. each. Please call if you wish to purchase, as the inventory changes frequently and we can't put them on the website shopping cart.   Our toll free number is 1 877 551 6577 (USA and Canada) 

We need you...

If you belong to groups with special needs, you know how hard it can be to find quality products. In fact, we originally developed these swim briefs out of personal family need!  We tried some other products, but could not find a swim diaper that was designed properly.   Please post our link on your Facebook or social site, for others who may also be needing these necessary garments. 

You'll see below that Discovery Trekking makes some other unique products. If you or your child experience night sweats, you'll love the "Hot Flash" moisture-wicking pillowcase. These silky pillowcases keep you dry, and your pillow fresher!


SOSecure Swim Diaper Catalog: Click here.

If you are choosing a pattern tab, please put your second choice of tab pattern in the comment section of your order, in case your first selection is out of stock.

Order your SOSecure Swimming Containment Brief Below:

Please be sure to measure accurately as there is no return on swim products, for health reasons.  If you are uncertain about your size, please call us at 1-877-551-6577



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